Learning Systems Associates offers a range of services to assist in meeting your vision and school targets. All of our services are created and designed to meet the needs of every client. Members of our team, through guided conversation, assist in defining and focusing of your goals. What emerges is a plan and a timeline that allows for success.

“Working with Marie and her team was a treat! They were wonderful in designing a customized training program for our staff, and working with administration to create meaningful professional learning. Marie and her team were quite flexible and accommodating as our initiative grew during the two years they were in-district. I am looking forward to working with them again!”

-- Julie Glazer, Assistant Superintendent

Delivery methods for services vary depending on the plan. Video conferencing, conference calls, and on-site work are utilized to assure each client’s success. Areas for onsite professional development include:

  • Keynote, General and Breakout Sessions
  • Planning for Your Mapping Success (e. g.Strategic Planning )
  • Development of Selected Teams
  • Trainings and workshops for teachers
  • Trainings and workshops for administrators and leaders
  • Overview sessions and workshops for School Boards and parent groups

A sample of past sessions and keynotes that LSA has provided include;

  • Mapping to the CORE (Common Core State Standards)
  • Thinking Interdependently - Virtually
  • Using data to impact instruction. Bringing achievement data, curriculum data, student data, and perception data into the faculty discussion to close the achievement gap.
  • Curriculum mapping and how to use it effectively.
  • Curriculum Mapping what is it and how can we get started?
  • 21st Century schools - getting technology into our lessons. More than just computers and smart do we "upgrade" our curriculum?
  • 21st Century lessons for under $50.00
  • 21st Century schools - what is changing in education in America and globally? What do we need to do to stay competitive?
  • Integrated curriculum - how to design integrated units and make them powerful learning tools for all students.
  • Understanding by Design - how to create lessons that keep the goal in mind right from the beginning.
  • Essential questions - what they are and how to use them to connect the standards to what is actually going on in the classroom
  • Formative assessments - what are formative assessments and how do they impact student achievement? How can teachers use assessments as teaching tools rather than autopsies?
  • Habits of Mind - bringing the curriculum to a peak of learning by including lifelong targets that impact our student lives and our greater community now and forever.
  • Professional learning communities - competitive schools today are more than ten good teachers in classrooms, they are ten good teachers that behave as a group making decisions and supporting all learners together. How do we as a faculty become a professional learning community?
  • Student Mobility - the American public is highly mobile and parochial schools deal with mobility regularly. High mobility impacts all learning. Here are some strategies schools can use to decrease the negative impact of student mobility.
  • Parochial schools and data evaluation. How can we use our own data to impact our program of study? We need to design, document, and evaluate long-term goals in a short-term accountability culture. How do we do that?
  • No one trained us on how to use data!!! How do teachers and administrators face the expectations of schools today to be data-driven? What does that really mean for teachers and how can they begin doing it in a real school day?
  • What is going on in the rest of the world? This presentation looks at education research globally and uses it to stimulate ideas for American faculty.

* We remind you that this is only a sample list of past sessions and keynotes.