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Onsite Professional Development

Our services are delivered through a series of one-on-one consulting and step-by-step curriculum innovation coaching with teachers and instructional designers.

Dr. Alcock Speaking Engagements

Dr. Alcock is a national and international speaker and education consultant. Her work focuses on the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment design. 

Live and Recorded Webinars

Live webinars are for leadership teams and faculty interested in a presenter interview, Q & A or feedback session with a focus on instructional technology.

Boot Camp Workshops

Boot Camp Workshops are designed to provide educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve curriculum and transform learning environments to meet the needs of next generation students.

TEN List Digital Library

TEN Digital Library houses presentations, teaching protocols, curriculum design tools, sample documents and videos that support innovative curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the classroom.

Learning Systems Associates Blog

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