LSA Learning's founder, Marie Hubley Alcock, has written a number of papers and articles about student mobility, innovative models of education, curriculum mapping, gaming in education, leadership, and organizational change. She has also co-authored or contributed to the following publications. Learn more below:


Bold Moves for Schools: How We Create Remarkable Learning Environments 

What will it take to create truly contemporary learning environments that meet the demands of 21st-century society, engage learners, and produce graduates who are prepared to succeed in the world? What skills and capacities do teachers and leaders need to create and sustain such schools? What actions are necessary?

Bold Moves for Schools offers a compelling vision that answers these questions—and action steps to make the vision a reality.

The Power of the Social Brain: Teaching, Learning, and Interdependent Thinking

Research has demonstrated that cooperative learning is one of the most highly effective teaching strategies, while new findings from neuroscience confirm the brain’s natural inclination to think socially. But simply putting students in a group is not enough. 

The authors of The Power of the Social Brain see “interdependent thinking” as the missing piece of the collaborative puzzle.

Educators Who Know What To Do

Teacher leaders are the most valuable players on the education field and the most overlooked when it's time to write the playbook. But after years of watching how the game has been played, master teachers in this book have come off the sidelines. Their strategic ideas, solutions, and voices must be heard. 

It's time to put school problems related to curriculum, inequity, parent support, student behavior, evaluation and more in the hands of academicians who know what to do.

Mapping To The Core

Author Heidi Hayes Jacobs takes readers through a four-phase model that covers the following:

Understanding basic mapping elements and types of maps, develop core unit maps with integrated Common Core Standards, establish core purposes for mapping, develop consensus  and much more.

The Quest for Learning: How to Maximize Student Engagement

It's crucial for 21st century teachers and students to determine together what a student will learn and at what pace. 

This book dives deep into quest learning, a customizable inquiry model tailored to a student's interests, needs, and abilities. Learn how to use questing to engross students in emotionally gripping learning experiences, engage them with actionable goals, build 21st century skills, and promote collaboration in online and physical spaces.

Mastering Digital Literacy

Schools must prepare 21st century students to compete in a global society a world in which cultures, economies, and people are continuously connected, and it is the job of educators to equip students to meet this challenge.

In the Contemporary Perspectives on Literacy series, editor Heidi Hayes Jacobs and a team of authors from around the globe explore the three new literacies global, media, and digital literacy.