Strategies for Creating Contemporary Learning Environments - 2 Day Boot Camp in Hong Kong

This hands-on interactive workshop will result in participant action plans that include strategies for creating contemporary learning environments.


On the first day, we will discuss in depth the four program structures - space (both physical and virtual); time frames as currency, student communities, and faculty ecosystems. We'll compare 'old school' structures to classic and contemporary models, and begin drafting programs that make modern learning possibilities a reality.

Small group work and 1-on-1 coaching on the second day allow participants the time and guidance needed to develop a strategy for research, analysis of current conditions and implementation of new program structures. Each participant and school group will have a personalized consulting and access to resources needed to construct bold new learning environments for modern learners.

  • Learning Spaces - virtual and physical spaces, architectural plans, remodeling and re-purposing existing spaces
  • Scheduling - valuing time as currency, and understanding the requirements of varied learning experiences
  • Grouping Patterns for Learners – non-graded/ multi-age grouping by interests, and a look at international practices
  • Personnel Configurations – examining roles beyond departments - multiple affiliations for faculty and talent versus role based instruction; cyber faculty participation is also discussed