Learning Systems Associates offers a range of services to assist in meeting your vision and school targets. All of our programs are created and designed to meet the needs of every client. Members of our team, through guided conversation, assist in defining and focusing of your goals. What emerges is a plan and a timeline that allows for success.


Professional Development Consulting
Our services are delivered through a series of one-on-one consulting and step-by-step curriculum innovation coaching with teachers and instructional designers.
Delivery methods vary based on client needs. Options include video conferencing, conference calls and on site meetings.


Areas for onsite professional development include:

  • Keynote, General and Breakout Sessions
  • Planning for Your Mapping Success (e. g.Strategic Planning )
  • Development of Selected Teams
  • Training and workshops for teachers
  • Training and workshops for administrators and leaders
  • Overview sessions and workshops for School Boards and parent groups


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Marie Alcock Speaking Engagements
Dr. Alcock is a national and international speaker and education consultant. Her work focuses on the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment design.
Marie is often called upon to provide Keynotes, Workshops, and Breakout Sessions to educators around the world.


Learn more about Marie and her experience as a leading educational speakers About Marie Alcock

Download the LSA-TEN Keynotes and Workshop Guide


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Live and Recorded Webinars
Live webinars are for leadership teams and faculty interested in a presenter interview, Q & A or feedback session with a focus on instructional technology. Sessions can be on any topic listed in the
LSA-TEN Keynotes and Workshops Guide. Webinar experiences include a permanent recording of the session by request.


In large groups participants can type questions and communicate through limited interaction tools

In smaller groups participants can broadcast their voices/images and speak openly with the presenter


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Bold Moves Curriculum Boot Camps
These workshops offer a unique and intensive professional learning experience for beginning and advanced level curriculum designers. Teachers can join us for quarterly events in New York City, or a school group can host their own on-site Boot Camp.


Learn more about our Boot Camp workshops and register here: Bold Moves Boot Camps


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