Winter Newsletter | Remarkable Learning Environments

Designing Structures for Modern Learning

If we have new kinds of learners, then we need refreshed contemporary and responsive learning environments. We need new kinds of schools. Even if the most creative and competent teachers shape an emerging curriculum employing dynamic learning strategies, they will be restricted - and most important, their students will be restricted - by the parameters of the school program.


Bold Moves Boot Camp is a 2-day workshop that examines expanding the options for each of the four structures that make modern learning possible: schedules, learning spaces, student grouping, and personnel configurations. We will look at the relationship between these structures, and how to research and develop programs tailored to the student population in your school. Action plans will be developed onsite.


Bold Moves for Schools | How We Create Remarkable Learning Environments

What will it take to create truly contemporary learning environments that meet the demands of 21st century society, engage learners, and produce graduates who are prepared to succeed in the world? What skills and capacities do teachers and leaders need to create and sustain such schools schools? What actions are necessary? 


Bold Moves for Schools offers a compelling vision that answers these questions and offers action steps to make the vision a reality.

ASCD Empower 2020

Designing Modern Learning Spaces

Architecture, Furniture and Curriculum


ASCD Empower20: The Conference for Learning, Teaching, and Leading Together is being held March 13–16, 2020, in Los Angeles, California, at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC).


How can we design learning spaces to support and engage modern students? Educators worldwide are creating remarkable learning environments in schools. Whether you are considering purchasing new forms of furniture, re-purposing existing spaces, or creating totally new types of schools, join us for an exciting day of creativity and substance.


Participants, part of our innovation design team for the day, will:

  • Explore possibilities for the design of learning spaces through images, architectural plans, and examples of remodeling and re-purposing existing spaces.
  • Connect learning space designs directly to the possibilities for curriculum, instruction, and assessment plans.
  • Examine current furniture design and choices based on student interaction and brain research.
  • Draft an action plan to engage community members, students, and faculty in upgrading learning spaces and learning programs while juggling the reality of budget demands.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Marie Hubley Alcock, and Prakash Nair will be presenting at preconference.