Quest for Learning - Maximizing Student Engagement with Marie Alcock

This is a two-day Institute; attendance with a team is highly encouraged!

Sponsored by OCM BOCES School Library


It’s crucial for 21st century teachers and students to determine together what a student will learn and at what pace. This workshop will help you dive deep into questing, a customizable pedagogy tailored to a student’s interests, needs, and abilities. Learn how to use questing to engross students in emotionally gripping learning experiences, engage them with actionable goals, and promote collaboration in online and physical spaces.


All participants will receive: The Quest for Learning: How to Maximize Student Engagement


When: Monday, July 30th, 8:30am to Tuesday, July 31st, 4pm
Where: OCM BOCES Main Campus, 110 Elwood Davis Rd. Liverpool, NY 13088

During this Boot Camp, led by renowned author and speaker Dr. Marie Alcock, you will learn how to:

  • Foster students’ 21st century skills by engaging critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and self-direction
  • Form learning partnerships with students that lead to co-teaching and co-learning.
  • Explore the three main design types—(1) inquiry, (2) network, and (3) game—through which students can quest.
  • Investigate the design decisions involved in identifying a quest, determining checkpoints, and helping students reflect on their quest.
  • Use formative assessment templates for engaging contemporary learners.


Day 1

Quest Format Basics

  • Quest Compass
  • 3 Part Formative Assessment “I can do standards and authentic relevant joyful learning at the exact same time!”
  • 3 Selfies of a Self Navigating Learner
    • Self regulation, Self Motivation, Self Assessment
  • Teacher Generated to Student Generated Continuum (just start don’t wait!)

Question Design

  • Worthy and Relevant

- Work Session
- Feedback and Share out

Day 2

Game Design

  • Extended cycle of expertise
  • Game design lenses

- Work Session

Network Design

  • Three Tiers of Network Design

- Work Session

- Feedback and Share out