Creating Meaningful Virtual Learning to Maximize Opportunities in Remote Education


Online Seminar | November 14, 2020

How do we create meaningful virtual learning? How do we maximize the advantages of remote learning by designing activities and assessments that can transform existing curriculum? How can we ensure accountability when we engage with our students at a distance?  In this webinar, we will discuss ways to pursue these goals effectively through:

  • Using the four purposes of assessment and integrating them throughout virtual learning experiences
  • Increasing accountability through drill and practice, rehearsal, authentic performance, and reflection
  • Maximizing the advantages of remote learning by designing activities and assessments that transform existing curriculum
  • Maintaining accountability for students off-site and online through clear alignment to learning targets
  • Providing and supporting self-navigation skills for students to self-regulate, self-motivate, and self-assess
  • Partnering with families by providing critical family facing curriculum, directions, academic support, and social emotional support

This seminar will be led by
Dr. Marie Hubley Alcock

and is suitable for professionals, parents, teachers, and K-12 administrators

Participants will learn to:

  • Design effective virtual learning assessments
  • Transform onsite curriculum in evolving learning environments
  • Maintain distance learning accountability through effective lesson planning
  • Develop self-navigation tools
  • Provide critical support for families as partners